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Our Philosophy

We Believe …

we believe
Flesher’s Fairview Health Care is dedicated to the promotion of health and growth for all residents, the staff and the people in the local community.
We therefore:
Believe in the dignity of the person, recognizing that each person has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and that these needs must be respected. This respect is reflected in the tireless efforts of the staff of this facility to serve and preserve life and to prepare for its termination when death is inevitable through spiritual support, understanding and empathy;
Believe individuals and institutions move forward only as they assume and accomplish new responsibilities in an organized and professional manner. Each member of the staff of this facility is dedicated to the promotion of health in areas of human concern, based on the belief that the whole person must be considered in the healing process;
Believe that admissions to this facility should be based solely on need for the type of care provided here, an environment which is safe and healthful for the particular needs of residents, the availability of accommodations and our ability to supply the care which is required;
Believe that standards are not mere words, but lofty goals to be attained daily;
Believe that it is our duty to study and analyze the aging process and to determine what we, as health care professionals, can do to understand it better; and finally,
Believe that it is our goal to assist each resident in obtaining and maintaining the highest quality of life available to them.